Why is cleaning an epoxy & quartz aggregate floor so important?

As the only required maintenance of an epoxy and quartz floor is cleaning, this is the most important part of conserving the floor. If done properly, this type of flooring will be able to stand the tests of time in some of the harshest environments.


Learn how to properly clean an epoxy and quartz aggregate flooring.

By cleaning, you will preserve many of the inherent characteristics of the floor such as, hygienic properties, slip- and stain-resistance, and aesthetic appeal. The complete list includes:

  • preserve durability by preventing degradation resulting from  improper cleaning techniques
  • prevent fats, oils, and grease from building up thus retaining slip-resistance & preserving cleanliness
  • protect your investment and its warranty
  • retain its low maintenance and durable qualities
  • retain its clean & hygienic qualities

With the right techniques paired with recommended materials, we have seen floors last for over a decade. Read the Complete Cleaning Guide: Epoxy & Quartz Aggregate Flooring. 

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