What role does temperature play in seamless epoxy flooring installations?

Here are some notable tips for understanding how temperature affects a JetRock floor installation.


Epoxy (n.) : an adhesive, plastic, paint, or other material made from a class of synthetic thermosetting polymers containing epoxide groups. 

When epoxy cures, it is undergoing a polymeric chemical reaction. This rate of reaction is affected by the temperature. If the weather is hot, the epoxy will cure faster and could affect the handling and installation. 


A JetRock floor is mixed on-site one kit at a time to maintain the quality of the mixture as well as the installation. Additionally, once the materials (two-part epoxy and quartz aggregate) are combined, a chemical reaction begins. The mixture will begin to cure and harden as soon as this reaction begins leaving a finite amount of time to handle the material. 

When the weather is hot, epoxy will become less viscous meaning it is a consistency like syrup as opposed to molasses. These warmer conditions are preferable for installers due to their ability to mix and trowel the floor quicker than if the temperature is moderate (around 65°F). 


Once the materials are mixed, they are poured out directly on the prepared floor and hand troweled to 3/16" to ensure an extremely durable single layer of seamless slip resistance. When the weather is warm, the consistency of the mixture is like syrup and can be easily troweled to the appropriate thickness. When the temperature drops below 65°F, the mixture becomes more viscus like molasses and becomes much harder to trowel as it is less consistent and a tougher material to work with. We typically do not install floors when the temperature is below 65°F due to our inability maintain consistent quality. 


Temperature is one of the greatest determinants of how fast an epoxy floor will cure. In warm weather, the epoxy will cure quicker than in cold weather. During the summer, we quote around 6 hours and in the colder months on the upwards of 8 hours. 

Photo Jul 11, 3 26 50 PM-2

ABOVE PHOTO: This installation was in July 2018 during a very warm day. You can see how quickly the first application in this walk-in refrigerator is curing compared to the newly poured kit which is still being troweled to a consistent 3/16".

If planning an epoxy floor installation, make sure your space in in the correct range for an efficient and effective application that will last through the harshest environments. 

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