What is the installation process for a single application epoxy and stone aggregate flooring? (in under 100 words)


The process is made up of certain steps to ensure quality work. While the material plays a large part in the overall success of an epoxy and quartz aggregate floor, the process of installation will make-or-break the longevity and performance of your new floor overtime. By using experience, comprehensive understanding of the product and reactionary properties, we have solidified best practices for installations.

The process includes: 

  1. Free Assessment & Estimate
  2. Develop Project Plan & Schedule Work
  3. Preparation of Substrate
  4. Mixing
  5. Integral Cove Base
  6. Hand Troweled Floor
  7. Cure (6-8) hours

Read the Quick Guide: Installing an Epoxy & Quartz Aggregate Floor to understand the steps and overall performance.


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