Why choose seamless epoxy flooring for commercial kitchens? (in under 100 words)

Seamless flooring in commercial spaces eliminates a range of weaknesses that seams, ridges, or joints yield. This connecting area between flooring material is subject to extreme wear and tear from ...

Meet the Team Monday: Laura Layte

Meet Feature Flooring's Operations Administrator, Laura Layte, who has been with the company for over 10 years. Laura is excited about growth and development for Feature Flooring and is ...

What role does temperature play in seamless epoxy flooring installations?

Here are some notable tips for understanding how temperature affects a JetRock floor installation.

What is the most durable, low-maintenance restaurant flooring? (in under 100 words)

The most durable restaurant, back-of-house commercial flooring is an epoxy and quartz aggregate mixture that is applied in one-step. This mixture is 3x stronger than concrete; it is chemical, ...

How to Clean & Maintain Your JetRock Seamless Epoxy Flooring System

How to Mitigate Leaks & Resulting Water Damage

Water leaks can be detrimental to restaurant operations and result in expensive ramifications. When leaks occur, swift and effective action must be taken to address them and prevent further ...


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How is a Feature Flooring installation watertight and seamless?

Watch how our team creates the perfect seamless floor for your commercial kitchen! 

Is your outdated quarry tile making your kitchen smell?

Give your commercial kitchen a makeover!

Your back-of-house flooring deserves a makeover from Feature Flooring. No longer will your kitchen suffer from stinky odors, slippery conditions, or ...


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