Meet the Team: Lee Blake

Meet our Vice President! Lee was raised immersed in all aspects of Feature Flooring for the past two decades. He has been involved in virtually every position within the company from visiting job ...

Meet the Team Monday: Laura Layte

Meet Feature Flooring's Operations Administrator, Laura Layte, who has been with the company for over 10 years. Laura is excited about growth and development for Feature Flooring and is ...

Meet the Team Monday: Cole Blake

Our Director of Operations, Cole Blake, is an esteemed leader at Feature Flooring. He has quite literally grown up in and around the industry and has been involved in many aspects of the ...

Meet the Team Monday: Jairo Rivera

Jairo has been a Field Operations Coordinator with Feature Flooring for over ten years and remains an indispensable member of our team. He prides himself on providing the best flooring solution ...

Meet the Team Monday: Sharon McDowell

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      Let our process and superior product create value for your business in a variety of ways. Our customized solutions are fast, safe, and durable.

      The JetRock seamless ...


Meet Cole Blake!

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The Best and Worst Cleaners to Use on a JetRock Floor

Ensure the Life of Your JetRock Floor

         By cleaning and sanitizing your seamless epoxy floors with appropriate solutions, you're protecting your investment. Using approved JetRock floor ...