How to prepare an existing quarry tile floor for epoxy floor installation

The JetRock flooring system was designed for installation directly over existing quarry tile. Feature Flooring’s preparation and installation techniques have been perfected over twenty-five years ...

How to Clean an Epoxy & Quartz Aggregate Flooring

An epoxy and quartz aggregate floor is textured and requires specific cleaning materials and techniques. For effective routine cleaning, follow these instructions. 

FAQ: How long does a JetRock epoxy & quartz aggregate floor take to install?

This is entirely situational and depends on the size and scope of the project. For large spaces without an ability to shut down, we complete work in phases. We specialize in fast installations ...

How to properly prepare a floor for a JetRock epoxy floor installation


Why choose seamless epoxy flooring for commercial kitchens? (in under 100 words)

Seamless flooring in commercial spaces eliminates a range of weaknesses that seams, ridges, or joints yield. This connecting area between flooring material is subject to extreme wear and tear from ...

What role does temperature play in seamless epoxy flooring installations?

Here are some notable tips for understanding how temperature affects a JetRock floor installation.

Walk-In Refrigerator & Freezer Flooring: End the Cycle of Failure

Walk-in refrigerators require proper insulation, flooring, and ventilation in order to maintain a safe and healthy environment for food. To end the cycle of floor failure in a walk-in refrigerator ...

4 Things to Consider Before Your Site Visit

Here are some notable items to ensure your consultation is targeted and thorough in assessing your specific needs.

So you’ve scheduled a site visit and now it's right around the corner.  Get a ...

Epoxy Floor Preparation: Why It's Important & How to Do It Right

The preparation of an epoxy floor is the first determining factor of success and life of your new floor. Of course, the type of epoxy used, the amount of wear it is subjected to, and the cleaning ...

How to Eliminate Required Floor Maintenance in Restaurants

By choosing the right flooring material, you can eliminate maintenance for your commercial kitchen floor.