Why is cleaning an epoxy & quartz aggregate floor so important?

As the only required maintenance of an epoxy and quartz floor is cleaning, this is the most important part of conserving the floor. If done properly, this type of flooring will be able to stand ...

Materials Needed to Clean an Epoxy & Quartz Aggregate Floor

The technique for cleaning an epoxy and quartz aggregate floor varies compared to other flooring types due to its unique properties. The same goes for the materials needed. Use these materials to ...

FAQ: How do you clean an epoxy and quartz aggregate flooring such as JetRock?

1. Sweep up loose debris.

2. Saturate floor with warm soapy water (NEVER use enzymatic cleaner)

3. Use deck brush to agitate surface, loosen stuck on dirt

4. Use neoprene squeegee to direct water ...

How to Clean an Epoxy & Quartz Aggregate Flooring

An epoxy and quartz aggregate floor is textured and requires specific cleaning materials and techniques. For effective routine cleaning, follow these instructions. 

How to Clean & Maintain Your JetRock Seamless Epoxy Flooring System