FAQ: How long does a JetRock epoxy & quartz aggregate floor take to install?

This is entirely situational and depends on the size and scope of the project. For large spaces without an ability to shut down, we complete work in phases. We specialize in fast installations ...

How to properly prepare a floor for a JetRock epoxy floor installation


FAQ: How much does a seamless epoxy & quartz aggregate floor cost?

The cost depends on the unique characteristics of each space such as timing, type of existing materials, the condition of floors, accessibility, amount of material needed and more. We are always ...

Single Application vs. Broadcast Epoxy Floors: Which is better and why?

The difference between these two types of flooring is primarily the way in which they are installed as well as the types of material used. These attributes affect the overall performance of the ...

Marble vs. Quartz Aggregate Epoxy Flooring: Which is Better?

Epoxy mixed with stone aggregate makes an extremely durable floor coating. The type of natural stone used can determine the overall success of the floors performance over time.