How to Prevent Slip Hazards

Tips for Preventing Slips, Trips, & Falls in Your Commercial Kitchen

There are innumerable hazards in a commercial kitchen environment that cause slip risks resulting in costly and timely ...

How is a Feature Flooring installation watertight and seamless?

Watch how our team creates the perfect seamless floor for your commercial kitchen! 

Is your outdated quarry tile making your kitchen smell?

Give your commercial kitchen a makeover!

Your back-of-house flooring deserves a makeover from Feature Flooring. No longer will your kitchen suffer from stinky odors, slippery conditions, or ...

How can Feature Flooring create value for your business?

  Create Value

      Let our process and superior product create value for your business in a variety of ways. Our customized solutions are fast, safe, and durable.

      The JetRock seamless ...


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The Best and Worst Cleaners to Use on a JetRock Floor

Ensure the Life of Your JetRock Floor

         By cleaning and sanitizing your seamless epoxy floors with appropriate solutions, you're protecting your investment. Using approved JetRock floor ...

What to Know About Epoxy Floor Cove Base


What is the difference between radius and cant cove base?

Cove base provides added structural integrity at corners and along edges where walls meet the floor.  Radius cove base is vertically ...

Why specific floors leak and what they do about it

  Do you know how the Grand Canyon was made? Water, one of the most destructive elements on Earth.  on its surprising the most destructive thing in your kitchen. It can cause major problems in ...

Benefits of a Turn Key Flooring Installation

What is a Turnkey Installation?

A turnkey installation is the completion of an entire project by a single company, from assessment, and project plan down to the installation and the follow up. By ...

What determines the cost of an epoxy floor?

One of the first questions potential epoxy floor owners ask when they call into our office is: How much does an epoxy floor cost? Although this is a very difficult questions to answer, I will try and ...