Quick Guide: Mold in Commercial Kitchens

Mold in a commercial kitchen is the result of insufficient moisture control followed by lack of appropriate cleaning practices. It is inevitable that restaurant kitchens become wet and humid ...

How to Prevent Grease Buildup in Your Commercial Kitchen

Accumulation of grease and grime in a commercial kitchen is inevitable. In a space that is required by law to be clean and safe, it is of the utmost importance that systems are in place to avoid ...

Baltimore Restaurant Week

To celebrate many of our local restaurants, we acknowledge and appreciate the annual promotion, #BaltimoreRestaurantWeek, this July 27th until August 5th. Dare to try something new with delectable ...

What makes a floor fast-curing & how to choose the best option for you?

When it comes to quick-curing commercial kitchen flooring, there are many options. Let's consider what exactly makes a floor fast-curing as well as tips for how to choose the right option for you ...

How to Prevent Slip Hazards

Tips for Preventing Slips, Trips, & Falls in Your Commercial Kitchen

There are innumerable hazards in a commercial kitchen environment that cause slip risks resulting in costly and timely ...


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Happy 4th from the Feature Flooring team!


Social media has undeniably changed how we interact all over the world. Lets celebrate the impact it has had on our family, friends, relationships, businesses and communication. #SocialMediaDay ...

How is a Feature Flooring installation watertight and seamless?

Watch how our team creates the perfect seamless floor for your commercial kitchen! 

Is your outdated quarry tile making your kitchen smell?

Give your commercial kitchen a makeover!

Your back-of-house flooring deserves a makeover from Feature Flooring. No longer will your kitchen suffer from stinky odors, slippery conditions, or ...


#NationalSunglassesDay celebration featuring some of our team.