Meet the Team: Ryan Brown


Meet our respected Senior Lead Technician! Ryan Brown has been with Feature Flooring since 2008 and has been an indispensable part of developing the installation best practices used today. He is a cherished part of the team and helps to train and develop incoming talent; he is also responsible for overseeing projects onsite.

Ryan is truly an artist when applying the JetRock floor. His attention to detail paired with a deep-seated understanding of the product and process allow him to provide exceptional work and pass on his knowledge to other team members. 

As he grew up in a military family, he spent time all over the country and abroad during his childhood. Some of his favorite things are Lunchables and the Transformers franchise. His top three values that drive his exemplary work are family, friends, and life goals. Ryan is an absolute joy to work with and is highly regarded by every person working within the company. 

To see some of Ryan's artistry, check out our YouTube channel