Why is epoxy floor preparation important?

Prepare for Lasting Success

The greatest determinant of whether an epoxy floor will stand the test of time is the preparation prior to installation. Of course, the type of epoxy, amount of wear, and the cleaning methods used can affect the health and longevity of the floor. It is without question the most common factor for epoxy floor failure is improper preparation.


Image: An example of a do-it-yourself epoxy broadcast flooring failure from either preparation or product failure. 

Key Takeaways:

Preparation is critical to the lifelong success of an epoxy floor.

Depending on substrate floor type required preparation varies.

Epoxy solids, once cured, form an extremely strong bond to the surface it is applied to. To ensure a lasting and secure bond, the existing surface must be prepared thoroughly or the epoxy solids will be unable to bond properly.

Download the Quick Guide to Epoxy Floor Preparation complete with various flooring types and techniques from the pros.  

188N0033Create the ideal surface profile for the epoxy to mechanically bond by scarifying, grinding, or etching. If this preparation is not done properly, the epoxy will peel as it was not able to adhere.

This also goes for cleaning; if the surface is not thoroughly cleaned, the epoxy can bond to loose debris or dirt instead of the desired substrate or existing floor. 

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