How to prepare for epoxy and quartz aggregate cove base installation

A JetRock® cove base is the material that runs up the base of the wall 4-, 6-, or 8-inches depending on the customer’s preference. This part of the JetRock® system provides the seamless and watertight characteristics forming a fully integrated flooring system from around the drains to under equipment to corners and running up the wall.


JetRock Cove Base Over Quarry Tile 

When installing a JetRock® cove base over existing quarry tile, the same steps used for preparing the floor (grinding, removal of failed tiles, filling with epoxy or sand kit, and cleaning) are followed prior to slicking the mixture on. Quarry tile bonds extremely well with epoxy and does not require any special treatment if in good condition.


Download the Quick Guide to Epoxy Floor Preparation complete with various flooring types and techniques from the pros.  

Cove Base Prep for Other Wall Materials

If the wall material is FRP (fiberglass reinforced panels) wall panels, stainless steel panels, drywall, or concrete blocks the preparation requires zinc terrazzo strips (which provide a polished edge) attached along the wall at the desired height. The cove base surface is then primed with epoxy. The priming allows for the JetRock cove base formula to bond quickly to the vertical surface.


Why cove base?

The cove base allows for the JetRock flooring system to add structural integrity to the junction where the floor meets the wall as well as the wall itself. These aspects contribute to the seamless and watertight characteristics resulting in the “bathtub” effect where water pitches away from the walls and slopes towards the drains. The cove base is merely a fundamental part of the integrated flooring system.

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Additional Things to Know

Every space is unique. The preparation required can vary greatly depending on the size, scope, condition of existing floors and more. If you are unsure of whether JetRock would be a good fit for your space, you're in luck! We offer free, no-obligation assessments. 

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