How to prepare an existing quarry tile floor for epoxy floor installation

The JetRock flooring system was designed for installation directly over existing quarry tile. Feature Flooring’s preparation and installation techniques have been perfected over twenty-five years of experience with these materials.

Assess Condition of Floorstock.grinder

Assessing the condition of the existing floor allows the Feature Flooring team to better provide a lasting solution. If the grout between tiles has been eroded completely, there is a chance the substrate beneath could be jeopardized from water damage. The condition of the tile as well as the substrate beneath determines the course of action required for preparation. 

Download the Quick Guide to Epoxy Floor Preparation complete with various flooring types and techniques from the pros.  

Scarifying the Surface

By grinding the existing quarry tiles, the roughened surface is better able to form a bond with the epoxy. This also shows where the tiles are broken, cracked, or floating are and must be removed. In areas where built up grease or grime is present, the floor must be thoroughly cleaned ahead of the grinding for effectiveness.


Once the floor has been scarified, the drains are grinded using a 4” hand grinder. The edges are grinded to prevent the “doughnut effect” where the flooring material can build up around the drain creating a barrier and preventing water from flowing directly down the drain. 



The preceding steps will leave the floors covered in dirt, dust, and debris.

Epoxy will bond to whatever it comes in contact with and if the surface is covered in dirt, the epoxy will be unable to form the necessary bond with the tiles. A thorough vacuuming and cleaning is required.




The floor must be completely dry to begin applying the JetRock floor. The Feature Flooring team uses fans and/or shop vacuums to expedite this process.

Before After DUring pic

These are the steps taken by the Feature Flooring crew during the preparation phase. Achieving the optimal conditions during preparation, the new JetRock floor will last for years to come resulting in delighted customers.

Feature Flooring has over two decades worth of experience that has allowed us to perfect the modus operandi of floor preparation to save clients time and money. 

It is important to note that every space is different and although this guide will cover the basic concepts of how, what, and why these steps are taken, the process can vary greatly depending on the specific size, scope, and scale of a space.

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