How to Clean an Epoxy & Quartz Aggregate Flooring

An epoxy and quartz aggregate floor is textured and requires specific cleaning materials and techniques. For effective routine cleaning, follow these instructions. 


To clean and maintain an epoxy and quartz aggregate floor:

1. Clean spills as they occur or at first opportunity

2. Sweep or vacuum loose dirt and debris

3. Saturate floor with diluted solution mixture, hot water is more effective

4. Let soak for 1-2 minutes

5. Rinse soapy solution towards drains

6. Squeegee residual water into drains

Single application epoxy and quartz aggregate flooring can be found most commonly in back-of-house environments. These areas are typically subjected to extremely harsh conditions every day. Commercial kitchens experience a seemingly constant presence of heavy foot traffic, fats, grease, oils, food debris, spills, and more.  By managing these aspects on a daily basis, you will not only protect your flooring investment but also consistently create a sanitary and safe environment for employees and customers.

Read The Complete Cleaning Guide: Seamless Epoxy Floors or download the cleaning poster. 




Do NOT mop. If a mop is used on a textured floor, the mop will become caught on the aggregate and pull leaving strands of the mop all over the floor. Mopping is also notoriously unsanitary. 

Do NOT allow any equipment cleaning solution or spills to stand on floor for extended periods of time. This could discolor, degrade or jeopardize the floor. 

Do NOT use unapproved cleaning solutions. Learn more about what materials to use.

The suggested technique for cleaning a textured floor is to saturate the surface with warm soapy water, agitate stuck-on dirt, then rinse and squeegee. The benefits of following these procedures are enjoying the highest-performing floor for years to come. 

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