How often should my epoxy and quartz aggregate flooring be cleaned?

An epoxy and quartz aggregate floor should be cleaned daily using the suggested methods. As this is the only required maintenance, the right systems should be in place to protect your floors durability, slip-resistance, and longevity.

hand  in yellow glove holding sponge on blue background. cleaningRoutine Cleaning of an Epoxy & Quartz Floor

Commercial spaces are subject to regulatory health and safety standards. These are implemented with best practices which must be followed by cleaning practices to stay up to code. 

While food scraps and debris should be swept up throughout the day and spills addressed as soon as possible, a thorough cleaning of the floor usually follows the end of operations daily. This type of flooring should be cleaned once a day. 

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The Deep Clean/Spring Cleaning

Many facilities with epoxy and quartz aggregate flooring plan intermittent deep cleaning throughout the year. During these more detail-oriented cleaning programs, we suggest using a power washer. Power washing a seamless epoxy and quartz aggregate flooring throughout the year can help to preserve the aesthetic and sanitary conditions of the floor. By power washing areas that receive only daily routine cleaning, managers can ensure that hard-to-reach areas such as cove base and behind equipment can be given an opportunity to be spruced up.

This method is not only fast but can save on the amount of water and cleaning solution needed. Be sure to fill the power washer with diluted cleaning solution.

Cleaning a Newly Installed Floor 

Newly installed floors should be cleaned with only hot water (no soap) during the first week. We recommend this method although if soap is necessary for your space, we suggest using a very diluted mixture.

Download the Complete Cleaning Guide: Epoxy & Quartz Aggregate Flooring. 

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