FAQ: How much does a seamless epoxy & quartz aggregate floor cost?

The cost depends on the unique characteristics of each space such as timing, type of existing materials, the condition of floors, accessibility, amount of material needed and more. We are always working with our clients to determine a project plan that solves their flooring concerns while achieving safe, fast, affordable, and lasting results.

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There are determinants that could reduce the price such as moving the equipment in-house before and after the installation. Also, by creating and implementing an efficient and effective project plan, we aim to drive down the costs for clients. Our goal is to delight each and every client with the highest-performing JetRock flooring system that will stand the tests of time in extremely harsh conditions. 

The long term ownership costs of a JetRock floor will save money, time, and  effort. With traditional back-of-house flooring such as quarry tile, the floor will require routine maintenance (re-grouting) every two years or so.

The grout will deteriorate overtime creating countless areas of weakness that become susceptible to water damage, dirt and bacteria growth resulting in bad smells, unsanitary conditions, and health hazards to name a few. Grout maintenance is a dreaded event for managers and owners alike yet is necessary to maintain healthy and safe conditions in commercial back-of-house area.

Below is a breakdown of approximate ownership costs for quarry tile and the JetRock flooring system.

jetrock vs qt

All JetRock flooring solutions are based on the specific and unique circumstances of  each client. To give the best answer, we need to be informed. If you have specific questions, we would love to help with an answer. 

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