FAQ: How long does a JetRock epoxy & quartz aggregate floor take to install?

Before After DUring pic

This is entirely situational and depends on the size and scope of the project. For large spaces without an ability to shut down, we complete work in phases. We specialize in fast installations and are capable of completing certain spaces in less than a day or overnight. For the average 1000 sq./ft. space, there is 4 hours of preparation, 4 hours of installation followed by 6-8 hours of curing. By the end of this 14-16 hour window, you can be moving your equipment back in and begin operations. 

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Again, this is situational and would require a site visit and preliminary project plan in order to determine the most efficient, effective, affordable, and accurate idea of time and cost based around the client's needs.  

All JetRock flooring solutions are based on the specific and unique circumstances of  each client. To give the best answer, we need to be informed. If you have specific questions, we would love to help with an answer. 

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