FAQ: Do I have to move the equipment for a flooring renovation?

We highly recommend moving the equipment. JetRock® is designed for application from wall to wall for optimal viability. We understand that this is not always possible and have gone around equipment.


How does equipment effect the warranty?

Projects that are wall to wall JetRock® receive a 3-year warranty. When we are asked to go around equipment, the warranty is limited to 10 ft. away from equipment. If you are unsure whether to move equipment, ask about assessing your space and how to plan a hassle-free renovation. 020_20

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Why should the equipment be moved?

The JetRock® flooring system is designed with a 4", 6", or 8" cove base that is then tied seamlessly into the floor to create a watertight, monolithic layer of extremely durable flooring. This allows for the floor to be non-porous and watertight with no area susceptible to cracking, leaking, or other forms of failure. If we do not cover the entire surface, there will be seams along equipment that could jeopardize the functionality of the floor over time.

How can I move the equipment?

By moving the equipment prior to our team arriving, you can save money. We also understand this is not always as simple and feasible as it sounds. As a turn-key flooring installer, we offer equipment removal within our project plans.

All JetRock flooring solutions are based on the specific and unique circumstances of  each client. To give the best answer, we need to be informed. If you have specific questions, we would love to help with an answer. 

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